Local Government

Risk managers working in Local Government can face varied challenges. We work with members to ensure they have the most relevant and helpful advice at their fingertips.

About the sector

For our members working in Local Government, including district, county, unitary and metropolitan councils, we provide strategic guidance and crucial information on handling a variety of risks, particularly those related to finance and budgeting.

This is particularly important at a time when public sector finances are often under pressure and local authorities are being given greater power on allocating funds in their area.

Focus for the coming year

We are consistently working to bring members the latest guidance, reactions to policy shifts and advice which better equips them to deliver excellent service within their organisations.

Our priorities are to:

  • Engage with Local and Central Government on industry consultations
  • Deliver topical events to members working for Local Authorities
  • Develop ALARM guidance on insurance procurement
  • Keep members updated on topical and important issues via our website and e-news
  • Ensure our member journal is kept relevant for members across Local Government.

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