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Money money money
October 2021

In this edition: Sounding a siren • Commercialisation under stewardship • Reflecting the real cost of public sector fraud • Building with Brexit • Action on rent arrears • Fighting fire with fines • Asbestos legacy in schools • School as safe havens • Electric road vehicles - balancing risk and reward • Switching on renewable energy.

Add food waste to the risk menu
July 2021

The latest edition of stronger explores environmental risks including Ash Dieback, food waste management and air pollution. It also features articles on neurodiversity, robotics and commercial property investments.

Unleash your superpowers
April 2021

In this edition: Transport for Wales' journey • Unleash your superpowers • Sustainability in a built environment • Social care and COVID-19 • The Redress for Survivors (Historical Child Abuse in Care) (Scotland) Act 2021 - direction of travel • Behind the scenes at ALARM - Mandy Knowlton-Rayner • Member profile • Framing enterprise risk management • Defend cyber attacks • Waste management risks • Expert profile • Top tips on responding to information requests • Local government re-organisation in England • Electric shock claims.

Future ready people
February 2021

In this edition: Mergers - the shape of social housing • Impacts of the Fire Safety Bill 2019-21 • LEAs not accountable for all maintained schools' financial decisions • Behind the scenes at ALARM - Keith Southwell • Member profile • Transforming risk culture • Reputation - changing perceptions • Living wiht water • Top tips on housing disrepair claims • Investigating white goods' fire • Future ready people • First steps to employee wellbeing • On the case: What happens in a taxi should stay in a taxi - 'Credible suggestion' of breach requires Article 2 inquest - Rural footpaths and dangerous defects.

October 2020

In this edition: The service of first and last resort • COVID-19 and cyber crime • Organisational learning in an emergency • What's the value of a valuation? • Managing employee fatigue and shift patterns • Pitch perfect • Compliant inspections • The rigours of RIDDOR for care providers • Conversations about COVID-19 learnings • Top tips on housing disrepair and claims during COVID-19 • Transforming risk culture in Africa • Member profile • Flood proofing for the future • Twelve months in risk management  • Photovoltaic solar systems fires • On the case: Engaging Article 2 - Breaches of humans rights - Duty to protect adult service users - Council right to refuse disclosure of information.

August 2020

In this edition: Workplace wellbeing or people risk management? • Wellbeing strategies and business continuity • Out with 9 to 5, in with 24/7 • Women at the top • Resilient thinking • Shining a blue light on property claims • Facing the frontline • In harm's way • Responding to COVID-19 a doctor's diary • Why Litigate when you can mediate? • Get tender ready • A new era of classroom claims • COVID-19 and 'failure to educate' • On the case; Occupiers’ liability – defective premises – landlords’ duties; Police – negligence – personal injury.

A perfect storm
Spring 2020

In this edition: ALARM goes green • Climate emergency and action urgency • The rising risks of flooding • Top tips on storm claims • Building climate change resilience • Turning the tide on tenancies Future homes now • Exit strategies • Definitive guideline guidance • Air pollution exposure claims • Rounding up the facts on glysophate • On the case: Data cookies and damages without harm; Human rights and facial recognition; Damages for detention; Data protection and vicarious liability • Go Monte Carlo! • Behaviour and biases • Cryptocurrency unencrypted • Cyber attack aftermath. 

Leading from the front
Winter 2019

In this edition: The future is now • The roaring twenties • Firefighting training, reporting and risk reduction • Step into commercial shoes • Commercial property concerns • Housing freedoms Cuckooing and county lines crossover • Rent regulation for all • What's around the corner? • Insuring thoroughly modern homes • Rounding up the facts on glysophate • On the case: When is a path a highway?; Subject access request - exemptions prove futile; A frolic of his own?; Council responsible when pupil injures teacher  • Leading from the front  •  Educate, empower, protect • I should be so lucky • The changing face of terrorism. 

Risk rollercoaster
Autumn 2019

In this edition: Filling in the gaps • Challenge Wales! • Protecting emergency drivers from prosecution • It always rains in Manchester • The Hinckley Road explosion The matrix reloaded • Behaviour-led risk management • Getting over the line • On the case: What constitutes 'use of the vehicle' for motor insurance claims?; Pleading fundamental dishonesty early and making an application to strike out; Challenges to school and supervision of activities; The risks of vandalised signage • Reporting risk upwards • Make sense of MoRiLE • Create a cyber citadel • Key risks in IDAs • Robots and risk - what could possibly go wrong?

Climate change action
Summer 2019

In this edition: Changing attitude and actions • Building flood claim defences • Highway hell? • The race to electric vehicles • Managing weather risks • Higher education compensation claims It's data - but not as we know it! • Fire safety sparks transformation • The highways' horizon • On the case: Man liable for tweet he did not write; A duty to inspect under the Defective Premises Act?; Defence drowned out by lack of noice survey; A measured approach to highway claims • Heritage building fire warning • Construction choices • Prosecuting the prosecutors.

Social care time bomb
Spring 2019

In this edition: The ticking time bomb • Lessons from the frontline • Artificial intelligence unleashed • Risk register 2025 • Top tips on tackling fires • Top tips on commercialisation • Top tips on claims under the Human Rights Act • Content customers equal community cohesion • A perfect storm for social housing • Holding charities to account • On the case: Police 999 call duty of care; NHS duty of care; Is every slip an error?; Psychiatric harm forseeability • Home from home • IICSA update.

The future is now
Winter 2018

In this edition: Put best practice into procurement • Police detention - mental health • Shining a blue light on big data and data science • Making technology work for us • Insurance collaboration and alternative risk financing • Local authority 2028 Acting smart with energy • Don't dispair over housing disrepair • Taking the law into their own hands • Drive into the future • On the case: Re-examine tree inspection regimes; Extension to vicarious liability; Not employed,so no vicarious liability; A step in the right director for negligence • Re-lighting fires • Drones on standby • Drones to the rescue • Top tips on housing claims part two • Top tips on commercialisation part one • Personal resilience in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Housing in the headlines
Housing Winter 2018

In this housing edition: Housing regulator's state of the nation • Insight into customer risk • A knotty problem • What are the risks of using MMC? • Is MMC a long-term solution to the housing crisis? • The urge to merge • GDPR - from mapping to sharing.

Leading through crisis
Autumn 2018

In this edition: No surprises • Be a confident communicator • Ben Smith • Conference collection • False optimism • Housing - state of the nation • Leading through crisis • The impact of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 • Ask the expert - blockchain technology • Monopoly property purchases endanger councils • Top tips on housing claims • Top tips on the Equality Act 2010 • Emergency services' response • On the case • Member profile.   

Enterprise Risk
Summer 2018

In this edition: A learning experience • "Be proactive, not reactive" • Conference countdown • Business interruption in the commercial world • You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone • Top tips on land development risks • Using modern methods of construction in home building • Is MMC a long-term solution to the housing crisis? • Community flood resilience • Water rescue • Commercialism takes off at Luton • Public sector procurement post-Brexit • A practical guide to inquests • On the Case: Police liability for investigation failures; Historical abuse claims can be defended on limitation • Police liable for injury to bystander • Risk based approach to highway maintenance - what does the future hold? • Top tips on investigating the cause and liability for flooding events • "I am passionate about my area of research: public sector risk management."

The resilience gap
Spring 2018

In this edition: Take advantage of Alarm • FOIL focus • GDPR - the new PPI? • Conference countdown • Benchmarking benefits • Safeguarding in schools • Academy rescue risks • Hazard perception influences blue light driving • The resilience gap • GDPR compliance in social housing • GDPR - from mapping to sharing • Top tips on tree root subsidence damage to property • Is diesel the new asbestos? • On the case: Insufficient risk of injury; 'Expert shopping' guidance; Loose material on the carriageway and section 41; Contempt of court order; Court confirms fundamental dishonesty is fundamental • "Every day I learn something new!"

Change is the only constant
Winter 2017

In this edition: Are police and fire a good fit? • Mutual benefits! • Keeping a good company • Why are we here? • Well-being in Wales • The real costs of care homes • Brexit background for public services • Horizon scanning children's services risks • On the case: Tower block judicial review; Make an offer they can't refuse; Extension of vicarious liability; No causation for highway claim • Top tips on surface water flood risk • The great flood of London • Profiling housing sector risk.

Data protection
Autumn 2017

In this edition: First hand first responses • Celebrating Alarm's 2017 Conference • Tackling a knotty problem • Debating social media, drones, GDPR and fundamental dishonesty • Housing development risks and considerations • The future is now! • Dawn of the new DoLs • Top tips on schools' claims • On the case: Would-be fraudster imprisoned for contempt; No duty of care to re-house sick man; Reluctance to extend vicarious liability; Court of Appeal confirms fixed costs in ex-protocol cases • Managing risks for future generations • The General Data Protection Regulation - a regulator perspective • Housing development risks and considerations.

Shared services
Summer 2017

In this edition: Start-up shared risk resources • Shared services' insurance pitfalls • Shared services blurred lines • Local authorities face up to fraud • Public liability claims - a catastrophe waiting to happen • The business of cycling to work • Terrorism's changing threat • The UK terrorist response • Counter terrorism Scotland • Prudence for the public sector • Unlock insight into customer risk • The growing field of data protection claims • On the case: Delayed highway reporting; Decoration, not structure; Part 36 offers and indemnity costs; Human Rights, or wrongs? • Top tips on risk managing outsourced service arrangements.

Road risk
Spring 2017

In this edition: Balancing road user safety • Autonomous vehicles • Policing social media • Take the highway challenge • Manage highways assets • Top tips on The Modern Slavery Act 2015 • Organisation's need risk coaches, not risk managers! • Housing: the urge to merge • A personal guide to public speaking • Stress claims trends • On the case: A housing inspector calls; Crane strain; Simple sampling leads to partial success; Danger is made concrete • Litigants in person • On track with transport police risks. 

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